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Stick Hero Hack

Stick Hero Hack – NEW

Hello, here is the bundleplay.com team again. We have for you a new hack for game Stick Hero. You can add an unlimited amount of Cash or Health.

Stick Hero Game

What is the game Stick Hero about? This game is about your calculation and concetration. This game makes you better to concentrate. :) The main task is to make the stick stitch properly that you won’t fall down. The game is itself a very challenging.  It is fun and addicting game.  You can choose a lot of characters, backgrounds. You need to collect cherries and coins. This game works on all mobile devices which support iOS or Android operating system. The best thing about it is that you can compete with your friends and you can be better than them with using our special cheating tool. :)

Stick Hero Booster

With our Stick Hero Trainer you can make your game a lot more fun. You can be better than your friends and have better feeling. The Stick Hero Hack adds to your game the Cash and Health as much as you want. You can use it on iOS and Android devices. No ROOT or Jailbreak needed. Our tool is extremely easy and safe to use. We have all of our programs clean and it has easy to use user interface. The program is updated often, so you don’t need to worry about ban or penalty for you. It is safe for you! You can use the Cash without any limit and you can add it as much as you need.

How to use Stick Hero Hack?

First, download our program in the .zip file. Click on the download button below. Extract the .zip file with WinRAR (or similiar programs) on the desktop or anywhere where you want. Open the folder. You can read the readme.txt file. Open the Stick Hero Trainer .exe file. You can run it in online antivirus scan to see, that our program is really safe. Open the .exe file. Select your device, iOS or Android. Now connect your mobile phone with USB cable to your personal computer.
Click on Connect Device. It should now detect it. Add amount of Cash and/or health. Click on the “Start Hack” button. Wait until it finishes. A message should appear now, click on ok and close the program. You can now open the game and check your in-game currency and health.

Download below:

Download Stick Hero Hack
stick hero hack

Please do not share our program to other sites. If you will share the program on other site, the program will be blocked on the shared site. If you downloaded this program on other site, it can be infected with a virus or it may does not work properly. Please remember to download only from our site.

-unlimited amount of cash and health
-support for iOS and Android
-no ROOT or Jailbreak needed

We wish you happy playing with our hacking software. :)


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