Help me! How to download?

How to download our files:
1. After you have clicked on the download button, you should see a survey.
2. Choose any survey and complete it. These are very easy and should not take more than 2 minutes to complete.
3. After filling out the survey, your download will unlock (only if you provided valid information). If the file won’t unlock, try another survey.

Why survey?
We have decided to protect all our files to get leaked all over the internet. Only people that really want to use our programs will download. It is up to you if you want the hack, you will fill survey.

Not working?
Try to clear cookies.

Open firefox and click on firefox in the top left corner of your browser. Select History and click “clear recent history”. Change the Time range to clear to everything. (Don’t forget to check cookies).

Internet Explorer:
Open IE and go to “tools” menu, click on internet options. Select the general tab. Go to the browsing history section and click on delete. Make sure you check the box next to cookies.

Google Chrome:
Open Chrome and press CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE. Make sure that “delete cookies” option is selected. Click on clear browsing data.

We hope that it helped you.
Yours Faithfully, team.


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